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How Do the Police Use the Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 Router?

Wireless portable routers serve many purposes in the professional world. Now more than ever, maintaining network connectivity outside of the office is vital to the survival of any business. The Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 is one of the best wireless portable routers on the market, and if used by professionals like first responders and police officers. There are many different applications that the police apply to this router.


Issuing citations used to involve a hand-written ticket. Now, the police can use the network connectivity provided by the Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 to generate and create a record of tickets with their computers. Creating an online record of a citation is especially helpful now, since traffic tickets can be paid online.


Being able to communicate with headquarters, other officers in the field, and with other emergency responders is vital to police work.

Body Cameras/Dash Cams

To create accountability on the force, and to make recording incidents easier, many police officers now wear body cameras. Police also use dashboard cameras for things like traffic stops and arrests. The network access provided by the Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 allows these videos to be accessed and sent out easily.

License Plate Recognition

Running license plate numbers through a database using their wireless network allows police to see if this person is driving with expired registration, has a suspended license, is wanted by law enforcement, has a prior record of traffic offenses, if the vehicle has been stolen, and more. License plate recognition is essential to a lot of police work.

Vehicle Monitoring

Wireless portable routers like the MP70 allow for various types of vehicle monitoring which can help headquarters keep track of their officers. The monitoring system reports things like location and network status, and can perform various diagnostic tests to determine if the vehicle itself is running properly. Knowing where police vehicles are located can help 911 operators get help to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible.

Maintaining constant network connectivity is fundamental to effective police work. Without it, the police would not be able to perform their jobs properly in the case of an emergency, and routine police work like traffic stops would become much more difficult.