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Portable and Convenient Internet Access

The Sierra Wireless Airlink® MP70 mobile router provides superior, low maintenance performance, providing secure, reliable connections you need for data transmissions, record management, and location identification for first responders, public safety and traffic management, fleet and service vehicles, and remote locations.

Secure, Managed LTE Networking for Mission Critical Applications

Increased Utility

The Airlink® MP70 router is a high performance LTE-Advanced vehicle or mobile router designed for use by first responders, public safety and traffic vehicles, and service fleet vehicles. Manufactured by Sierra Wireless, the Airlink® MP70 offers secure, fast, and reliable connectivity to enterprise networks using Gigabit 4-port Ethernet and up to 1.3 Gbps over 802.11ac WiFi.

Designed for reliable performance in harsh mobile environments, these Sierra Wireless Airlink® modems offer real-time, secure network access and data transmission for your mobile fleet. Sierra Wireless’s advanced GNSS location technology offers superior vehicle location identificiation. Our ALEOS Application Framework and Airlink® Management Service provide the capability for remote registration, configuration, and software updates using your security network settings.

The Airlink® MP70 Vehicle Router can be used globally, with LTE configuration options for major networks, and is designed for use by up to 128 concurrent Wi-Fi clients. The router provides the capability to concurrently connect multiple mission-critical applications, provide live video streaming, and rapid access to remote databases to and from remote laptops, DVRs, and tablets. Some applications are:

·         Vehicle location services using GNSS location technology, allowing for location identification and tracking even in remote areas

·         Communications and data transmissions for emergency, police, and fire rescue vehicles, allowing them to communicate medical information, emergency status, accident updates and transmit data securely and quickly

·         Communications and data transfers for service technicians and fleet management, allowing access to records and data via your secure VPN

·         Monitoring auxiliary devices in vehicles, such as light bars, sirens, gun racks, emergency equipment, and medical devices, to ensure safe operation and identify potential issues

·         Monitoring and tracking engine performance and maintenance

Strengthening Your Signals

AirLink® LTE gateways are designed to ensure constant connectivity, even in harsh, mobile environments. Supported by a 3-year warranty, the Airlink® MP70 Mobile E-Mark, ISO 7637-2, SAEJ7455, Class 1 Div 2, MIL-STD-810G, and IP64 ingress protection standards.