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Product Spotlights: Sierra Wireless Airlink Gateways

Some of our most popular products at Wireless Phone Gallery are our Sierra Wireless Airlink® Gateways. Known for their superior quality and ability to perform in harsh mobile environments, this is no surprise to us. We’ve chosen three of our best gateway modems from Sierra Wireless and laid out all of their best qualities so that you can see what our others customers are experiencing when they use our products.

Sierra Wireless Airlink® LS300 3G Modem

The Sierra Wireless LS300 Modem is compact, intelligent, and is a fully-featured M2M and mobile communications wireless gateway.

  • ·         The Sierra Wireless LS300 3G Modem is a flexible device with multiple interfaces.
  • ·         There are many connectivity options to adapt to today’s ever-changing technological needs.
  • ·         The modem has a compact, rugged design in order to endure any mobile environment.
  • ·         Contains an advanced GPS.
  • ·         It is available at an affordable price.

Sierra Wireless Airlink® Raven RV50 Industrial LTE Gateway Modem

The Sierra Wireless Airlink® Raven RV50 is the most rugged, lowest power LTE gateway manufactured by Sierra Wireless. Some of the features of this excellent gateway modem include:

  • ·         Management of remote SCADA systems and equipment for energy and power generation applications.
  • ·         Fleet management – tracking, fuel, and maintenance monitoring
  • ·         Reliable, low-cost data connections and communications
  • ·         Real-time connectivity and data processing
  • ·         Is available for many applications including police work, first responders, pipeline, oilfield, and offshore equipment monitoring, power generation equipment monitoring, and more

Sierra Wireless Airlink® ES450 Enterprise 4G LTE Gateway and Terminal Server

One of the many benefits of the ES450 is that it supports both present and future high-speed LTE networks. Some of its other great features include:

  • ·         Full featured LTE gateway and terminal server
  • ·         State of the art 4G LTE coverage that spans 11 LTE frequency bands
  • ·         Ability to remotely troubleshoot and restore enterprise IT equipment
  • ·         Advanced routing like NEMO/DMNR – included as standard
  • ·         Up to 5 VPN tunnels to support secure communications over cellular networks

Each of these gateway modems have many more amazing features that we did not have room to mention in this article. For more information about our products, and to purchase a mobile router of your own, visit WirelessPhoneGallery.net.